How To Get Netflix's New Profile Icons

Image: Netflix

When you log into Netflix over the next few weeks you can expect to see a change. The profile icons that have been part of Netflix are getting a facelift. The election of profile icons that have been part of Netflix for the last five years will be expanded with a bunch of new icons that include characters from Netflix shows and movies.

Netflix launched Profiles five years ago with the new icons representing one of the biggest changes since then.

I have a big family and would love another couple of profiles, in addition to the five already available. Although Netflix's suggestion of having profiles based on moods or movie/TV show genres might be a away around the five profile limititation.

To create a profile

  1. Click your name on the top right, then click "Your account"
  2. Next, click "Manage profiles"
  3. Add a profile

If you go back to the profiles, you can designate a profile as being for Kids and change the icon using either one of Netflix's smileys or choosing your favourite Netflix original series character.

The new profile icons will be rolling out on the Netflix website, mobile, and TV devices over the next few weeks.


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