Blot Wet Toppings Before Putting Them On Your Burger

Blot Wet Toppings Before Putting Them On Your Burger

When building your perfect burger, it can get easy to get carried away with toppings, and added moisture can pool, wreaking havoc on your buns. Beyond cleverly stacking your ingredients to keep the wetter ones away from the bread, blotting your moist toppings can make a real difference.

I actually do this with most sandwiches, not just burgers, and they are the better for it.

Pickles (both cucumber and other), tomatoes, freshly washed lettuce and — if you’re a truly adventurous burger topper — pineapple all benefit from a little blotting, particularly if you’re a fan of soft, brioche-type buns.

Just take a paper towel, give your wet ingredients a little dab, and pile ‘em up as you usually would. Your sauces will stay saucier, your buns drier, and your toppings will stay put.


  • Every burger joint in Sydney needs to read this article ! Claire Lower, every Burger Appreciation Society everywhere commends you ! Cheers.

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