Your Next Keyboard Needs To Be Mechanical

Image: Kotaku

Whether you're into coding, word processing or gaming, a mechanical keyboard can make a huge improvement to your output. Boasting individual mechanical switches underneath each key, they provide a higher level of reliability, are more durable and can even help with RSI. Plus, they just look and sound so cool.

This video breaks down all the reasons mechanical keyboard are worth your time.

The video below comes from our friends over at Kotaku. It explains why a good-quality keyboard is so important in the digital age while simultaneously showing off a dizzying array of mechanical models: some built, some bought. For more information about mechanical keyboards, check out our Lifehacker 101 guide.

[Via Kotaku]

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    I'm waiting on a mechanical version of the Logitech keyboards with the LCD screens in built. Main reason I haven't changed my old g510 out yet is because of that.

      Im not sure that will happen, it seems like they are going down the mobile "companion app" route, my g910 has a little slide out phone holder thing to put my phone in for that purpose

    Not in open plan office spaces - it's bloody annoying!!!

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