The Sad Decline Of Sizzler’s Restaurants In Australia

The Sad Decline Of Sizzler’s Restaurants In Australia
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Collins Foods, the owner of Australia’s largest chain of KFC restaurants, today posted a 16% lift in full year net profit to $32.49 million. However, the long death of Sizzler restaurants, the popular family steak houses of the 1990s famous for its all-you-can-eat salad bar, cheesy bread, and dessert range, continues.

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Once upon a time, Sizzler was everywhere. While nominally a steak-and-seafood restaurant, the chain was famous for two things. its all-you-can-eat buffet and the complimentary Parmesan bread that greeted you on arrival. </p><p>Sadly, Sizzler became a victim of the casual dining wars and there are now only a handful of outlets left in Australia. But don't despair. the recipe is surprisingly easy to make at home and it only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps!

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Revenue was down 22% to $50.8 million for Sizzler restaurants, with two fewer restaurants over the year, leaving just 13 open in Australia.

In Asia, however, Sizzler revenue was up 9.7% due to new restaurant openings. There were 73 Sizzler Asia restaurants operating at year end.

While things are looking increasingly bleak for Australian Sizzler fans, Collins’ KFC franchise growth continues unabated.

“We successfully completed the acquisition of 25 restaurants during the financial year while continuing to drive same-store sales growth across the network,” says CEO Graham Maxwell.

Collins now has 225 KFCs in Australia plus a growing network in Europe. Last year the company paid $110.2 million to Yum! Brands for 28 KFC restaurants in Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

The KFC footprint:

The Sad Decline Of Sizzler’s Restaurants In AustraliaSource: Collins Foods

“We are focused on continuing to grow our KFC Australia business through transaction led same store sales growth and further improving the performance of our WA business building on the positive Q4 results it achieved,” says Maxwell.

“During FY19, in Australia we plan to drive transaction led sales growth, build eight further KFC restaurants, and maintain a focus on operational improvements and margins. Simultaneously, we will look to roll out home delivery from more KFC restaurants through both aggregators and our own channel.

“In Europe, we are already seeing positive results from our transformation plan in Germany. The integration of our KFC Netherlands restaurant network is progressing well, and we continue to realise operational efficiencies across the network as we develop our back office support functions.”

Collins Foods also opened its first Taco Bell restaurant during 2018, at Annerley in Brisbane.


  • Revenue was down 22% to $50.8 million for Sizzler restaurants, with two fewer restaurants over the year, leaving just 13 open in Australia.

    Who would have thought that reducing the number of restaurants you operate would reduce your revenue?

  • Anthony Bourdain went to Sizzler in Koreatown, Los Angeles for an episode for Parts Unknown, it’s quite charming. I wont link it but it’s on the ytube.

    • You know, I’ve never watched Bourdain before, ever. However I just tracked down the video you named here and it was positive, really uplifting just watching the two of them sit there, like ordinary people enjoying something and it lacked something nearly every cooking or culinary show I’ve seen has: Arrogance. I loved the humanity and humility it had. I’m now going to track down as much of the late, obviously great Bourdain’s works that I can.

      Thank you 🙂

  • That’s not all the KFC restaurants in Australia is it? Yum must still own a whole lot more restaurants than the one they sold to Collins?

    • Yes, Collins is “only” a (rather large) franchisee. There are many more places for yer daily hot ‘n spicy, , thank the God of all Colonel!

  • KFC, frankly, is filth. And yes, I buy it myself occasionally, but it’s still filth. Dirty Ron’s is worse. Hungry Jack’s is marginally better, although their thicker chips are much better.

  • We have a Sizzler in Ipswich still and while their pricing is quite expensive, its something a little unique to ‘treat’ the kids every now and then.

    Who doesn’t want the awesomeness of having desert 10 minutes into a restaurant visit.

    Would be a shame if ours gets closed down.

  • Its all US fast food crap. Aussies ought to boycott this chemical, preservative fat that have made many Americans so overweight. We have way better food here in Australia, and yet some of us feel compelled to follow the American crappy diet only for the fact that its “American” and trendy. Even starbucks is ”brown water” and that company too is losing business in Australia.

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