The Medical Checkups You Should Get For Each Decade Of Your Life

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We're all busy people, but if there's one thing you should always make time for, it's to get to the doctor for regular checkups and age-appropriate preventative tests. But it can be difficult to know which types of tests you should ask your doctor about at what stage of your life. This graphic breaks it down nicely.

The graphic is broken down by male and female, and which types of medical tests and preventative care you should get at which stages of your life, organised by decade. For example, in your 30s, men should be checking for heart disease, testicular cancer, colorectal cancer and getting regular blood tests for type 2 diabetes. Women on the other hand should be equally concerned about diabetes, but also be screened for breast and cervical cancer.

As you get older, predictably, the risk factors for different diseases goes up, so it's even more important to take care of yourself. It's a shame the chart cuts off at "the 70s and beyond", but for those of us who'll be happy to get to that age, taking care of ourselves now is the best way to make it. Hit the link below to see the chart at Greatist, or view it in-line below.

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    Never really thought Testicular Examinations were something that was recommended you should get done by a doctor (albeit unless there was something of concern), I just assumed a self-check was satisfactory enough.

    Wow, I'm mid 30s and haven't had any of those so far, unless they did cholesterol at the same time as other blood tests, they really should more proactive about soliciting standard checkups especially for those of us that only go when something is particularly worrying.

    Prostate exams for the over 50’s only needs to be a blood test every two years.
    If the level of PSA gets too high, a physical exam should be done.

    And even then surgery might be unnecessary, given how few men die as a result of prostrate cancer.

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