The Best Deals From JB Hi-Fi’s Wicked Wednesday Sale

The Best Deals From JB Hi-Fi’s Wicked Wednesday Sale
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Every now and then JB HiFi pulls a quick sale and today is one of those days. They’re having a Wicked Wednesday sale with 5 percent off a bunch of deals as well as $300 off a 40-inch TV, 10 percent of Apple computers and a bunch of other deals. Here are five of the best.

The deal is, for today, you can score an extra 5 percent off on a bunch of stuff. And while there are some exclusions, there are some solid deals on offer just for today.

#1 Google Pixel 2

JB HiFi is offering the white 128GB Google Pixel 2 for just $899. That’s a pretty good price, even compared to online auction sites

#2 Nintendo Switch

There are often deals around for the Nintendo Switch but if you’re in the market for one today, then $399 is a pretty good deal.

#3 Apple Macs

This deal does come up from time to time at JB HiFi but if you’re after a new Mac, then saving 10 percent is a good thing. The’ve snipped the price of all their Apple computers for today by a tenth, making them a little more affordable that usual.

#4 Solid media

I’ve become a an of vinyl again and I still buy the occasional Blu-ray movie. For today, JB HiFi has knocked 20 percent of all CDs and vinyl as well as Blu-ray and DVDs.

#5 So many computers

If you’re looking for a new desktop or portable computer, the HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo gear has 15 percent lopped off the usual sticker price. As well as Windows 10 systems, there are a few Chromebooks in that mix, like the Acer CB5-312T-K3AJ 13.3″ Touch Chromebook at a tick over $500.


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