Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

G’day! Here are some cracking online deals for Lifehacker readers, including: 15% off Surface laptops, cheap 4K Blu-rays, 20% off Xbox One games and more!

1. 15% off Surface laptops: You can currently get 15% off Select Surface Devices from the Microsoft Store. The deal includes Surface Laptops, Surface Pros, Surface Pro with 4G and Surface Studios. Click here!

2. Cheap 4K Blu-rays: JB Hi-Fi built its empire off the backs of DVDs and Blu-rays. Now its sending them to the knackers, just like Boxer in Animal Farm. On the bright side, movies are much cheaper now! You can currently get 20% off all Blu-Rays, 4K discs and DVDs. There’s also a Buy 2-Get-1-Free deal on Single Season TV Shows. Click here!

3. Exclusive VPN plans: Pure VPN is still offering a whopping 82% off its 3 Years Plans (down to just $2.56 per month from $519.83.) If that’s too much of a commitment, you can also score 62% off PureVPN’s 12-month plan. Click here and here!

4. Get Wi-Fi Mouse Pro free: Wi-Fi Mouse Pro – which transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad for your computer – is currently free at the Google Play Store. Save $5.49. Click here!

5. eBay Daily Deals: Another day, another eBay sale. Click here for today’s Daily Deals!

6. 20% off Xbox One products: Microsoft has slashed 20 per cent off select Xbox One games, consoles and accessories via its eBay store. To get the deal, use the discount code ‘Powered’. Click here!


  • Jeez it’s time the *baseline* 4k Blu-ray prices dropped 20%. Still $30 for Logan and Deadpool (the first one), $36 for Black Panther and $40 for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on 4k.

    People talk about discs “dying” and there being a slow take-up on 4k discs. It’s no wonder when there’s such a premium attached to their costs. Was looking at some info about manufacturing costs and it’s hard to justify such a hike. It’s not like it costs $8 more per disc to manufacture UHD compared to regular blu-ray. Or, in the case of Deadpool $17 difference between blu-ray and UHD Blu-ray prices…

    • The only excuse I can see for now is that most 4K releases also include the blu-ray disc. Which is also the only the reason I’ve started buying some 4K movies even though I haven’t splashed the cash on a 4K setup yet. One would hope that when (if?) adoption rates increase, single disc 4K releases will become a thing and the price drops closer to blu-ray prices.
      Until then, it’s very hard to justify paying twice the cost of a cinema ticket for a home copy. 🙁

      • I don’t have current figures, but I did some research and about 10 years ago it was costing roughly $2 to manufacturer a blu-ray disc (not counting the mastering process). So that doesn’t really justify a $17 difference for Deadpool.

        I couldn’t find figures on how much it costs to physically make the 4k Blu-ray disc so I’m not sure whether they’re a similar price or higher. That said, I can’t imagine the price to be massively higher per disc.

        Mastering prices are (were in 2007ish) pretty high being an estimated $40k for a blu-ray movie. But that’s a one off cost spread among all discs sold. Again, I’m not sure what the 4k Blu-ray cost would be but I can’t see it being high enough to justify the big price hike. Especially on a film like Deadpool that’s sold literally millions of copies.

        I have concerns that the prices will never drop due to a combination of factors. With streaming being a bigger thing now (than when blu-ray was released) there is more format competition. So casual viewers are more likely to stream than buy. This is compounded by the current high cost, since it encourages people to stream rather than fork out $40 for a single movie.

        It’s also not helped by the fact that 4k setups have been expensive until quite recently so the amount of people even able to utilize 4k movies is still quite low. This is also compounded by the fact that for a lot of people regular blu-ray is “good enough”. It’s not the noticeable quality leap that DVD-Blu was (at least for a lot of people).

        I worry this means we’re stuck in a vicious circle of; we need to sell more to justify lowering prices, but the prices are too high so people won’t buy them.

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