Six Deals You Need To Know About In Australia Today

G’day! Here are some cracking online deals for Lifehacker readers, including: save $580 on security software, get the Nintendo Mini SNES for less than $95, best free Android and iPhone apps and more!

1. Hump Day Deals!: Yes, I know it’s Thursday. But there’s still plenty of great bargains available from our big Wednesday deals roundup. Click here!

2. Cheap security software: For a change of pace, Humble Bundle is swapping out video games for cybersecurity software this week. Pay whatever you want for programs like Dashlane Premium and SpiderOak One Backup and save over $580. Click here!

3. 15% off 4K TVs: JB Hi-Fi has knocked 15% off its Samsung and TCL TV range. (I always accidentally type ‘TLC’ when talking about TCL. Then I start humming Waterfalls. Rest in peace, Left Eye. But I digress.) Click here!

4. Free Android and iOS apps: A few months ago, we named the ten best free apps on Android and iPhone. Here’s the list for those who missed it!

5. eBay Daily Deals: Another day, another eBay sale. Click here for today’s Daily Deals!

6. Mini SNES for $93: Remember when everyone went batshit, balls-out insane over the Classic Mini Super Nintendo? People were buying empty boxes on eBay and everything. It was crazy, I tells ya! Now that the fad has died down, you can pick one up from Amazon for $93.05 with the discount code ‘Amazon20’. The catch is that you need to be a new customer – but signing up with a dummy email address should sort you out. The deal also includes free shipping. Click here!


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