Seven Ways Orgasms Improve Your Health [NSFW]

Seven Ways Orgasms Improve Your Health [NSFW]
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Orgasms are great. They feel amazing, they’re fun to have, and the work you have to put in to get them doesn’t feel like work at all! But apart from feeling really damn good, they also have a number of hidden benefits.

Not that you needed any more convincing on why you should try and have more of them, but if you are looking for a justification, read on to find out why an orgasm a day beats that pesky apple by miles.

#1 It improves mood

Orgasms are a natural mood booster. By their very nature, they’re a reliever of tension, so it goes without saying that being less tense might improve your overall mood too. During sex, or solo sessions, the body releases the hormone oxytocin which helps manage stress and boost mood, making you happier, calmer, and far less likely to tear your garrulous colleague’s head off.

#2 It’s pretty good for your health too

Regular orgasms raise the levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that strengthens the immune system, so instead of sniffing in First Defence, why not have a healthy wank? Kleenex will thank you either way. (Try a Tracey Cox Supersex Sensation Stroker for an explosively good climax.)

#3 It keeps your nether regions in tip-top condition

Repeated orgasms can help strengthen your pelvic muscles for harder erections, more intense orgasms, and, probably the most important of all, staving off incontinence. Yaaay.

#4 It’s nature’s sleeping tablet

Orgasms offer another wonderful gift, the gift of sleep. Most of us have experienced the post-sex snooze, or perhaps seen a partner fall sweet victim to it. That immediate after-sex sleepiness is caused by the release of oxytocin (you, again!) and the relaxation of the muscles post orgasm. Essentially an orgasm is a lullaby for adults. And their genitals.

#5 It’ll make periods a whole lot more pleasant

Yep, that’s right, having an orgasm during your period is a perfect pain reliever. Orgasms cause a rush of blood flow and contractions in the uterus which help to relieve cramps. They also release hormones and endorphins that act as natural pain relievers, so, next month, why not reach for a sex toy instead of that aspirin? Try a Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo for easy-to-clean fun.

#6 It’s a great workout

Hop off that spin bike and hop on to your lover! A study has shown that you can burn up to 100 calories during sex. Depending on a number of factors, you could be racking up a lot of short, sharp daily workouts. And there’s no need for Lycra. Unless you’re into that.

#7 It can reduce the risk of cancer

Prostate cancer, that is. A 2003 study discovered that men who orgasmed (the ejaculatory kind) more than five times a week were up to 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer. This is because regular ejaculation can help flush out the cancer-causing toxins that can build up in your bladder, urethra and testicles over time. So whether it’s alone or with a partner, you’ve got a boner-fide excuse to come.

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