What To Watch On Netflix If You’re Avoiding The State Of Origin

What To Watch On Netflix If You’re Avoiding The State Of Origin
Image: Netflix

The State of Origin is a big event, but also let’s face it: if you don’t live in one of the feuding states, or you just aren’t into sports, it’s probably not high up on your watch list for tonight. Here are some shows and movies you can stream on Netflix instead.

If you’re after some drama:

Now’s a great time to lose yourself in some of Netflix’s more serious offerings. Get stuck into a gritty period crime drama with The Alienist, tracking the story of a sadistic serial killer in 1896 New York.

For a dark show with a bleakly comedic twist check out Happy!. Based on the comic book of the same name, it follows a hit man who thinks he’s losing his mind upon meeting a blue cartoon unicorn only he can see. happy!

If you want to get off this sports-obsessed planet with some out-of-this-world sci fi, check out Netflix’s reboot of the classic Lost in Space. These are not your parents’ Robinsons.

If you want to learn something new:

Who needs fiction when real life is just as weird and interesting? Netflix’s original doco game has been fantastic recently, and there’s no better place to start than the critically acclaimed Wild Wild Country. This docuseries follows the rise and fall of the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh in a story that’s almost too weird to be believed.

If cults aren’t quite dark enough for you, check out the chilling Evil Genius, delving into the shocking story of the US pizza man who robbed a bank with a collar bomb strapped around his neck.

Or if you just want to lose yourself in some fascinating nostalgia, The Toys That Made Us is back with a second season that charts the history of how some of the biggest toy lines in the world came to be.

If you just want to be entertained:

It’s a Wednesday night, you don’t want to be straining your brain too much, right? If you’re down for some light-hearted comedy, check out Netflix original Ibiza about a single 30-something year old New Yorker who gets a little wild on a trip to Barcelona.

If you’re yearning for some stand up, dive into Ali Wong: Baby Cobra, a hilarious stand-up special following the comedian’s rocky road to pregnancy.

Maybe it’s time to get reacquainted with our old friend Bridget Jones in her recent return to the screen, Bridget Jones’s Baby. The third installment in the series sees Bridget splitting with Mark Darcy as she grapples with an unexpected pregnancy.

If you’re still keen on sport:

Want to watch sport but just not that sport? Go behind the scenes with Oscar-winning Netflix Original Icarus, telling the story of a huge doping scandal that surrounded one infamous Russian scientist.

Samuel L. Jackson takes up a role in the biographical film Coach Carter, about a high school basketball coach who made national headlines for suspending his high-performing basketball team for their poor academic results.

Or, if you still want to cheer someone on to victory, watch elite athletes compete on Netflix’s own intense obstacle course with Ultimate Beastmaster.

If you’re watching with the kids:

Take the opportunity for a family night in with kids animated favourites tonight. Catch a movie chock full of cute animated creatures with the Secret Life of Pets.

Fuel your kids’ excitement for action with the LEGO Ninjago Movie, or get ready for them inevitably demanding to see the new sequel by catching up on Hotel Transylvania.


  • Being not into sport *and* not being in either of the warring states, I don’t even know when State of Origin is on, but this article talks about it being on tonight, and then lists some things that aren’t even on Netflix yet (e.g. Secret Life of Pets and Bridget Jones’ Baby) – which are coming very soon, but still, they’re not something I can watch tonight :(. Way to get my hopes up with this article :/.

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