There's A Secret Way To Request New Movies On Netflix

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While Netflix has a huge library of content, there will invariably come a time when a movie you want to watch isn't there. (If you have eclectic tastes, this probably happens a lot.) Fortunately, Netflix has an online suggestions box where anyone can nominate movies or TV shows for future inclusion on the service. Here's how the submission process works.

Netflix's ultra low-key requests page was recently thrust into the limelight by Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti, who shared a tweet about the tool's existence:

So what is the drill, exactly?

As its name implies, the Request A Title form allows Netflix users to nominate up to three movies or TV shows that they'd like to see added to the service. You simply type your suggestions, fill out the CAPTCHA and that's it.

"Have a TV show or movie you'd like to see on Netflix? Tell us about it below! This form is the one and only place to submit content requests," the page explains. "If you've already submitted a request for a title, you can sit back and relax."

Once you have requested a title, it's automatically logged on Netflix's servers and collated with other users' requests. Presumably, if a specific show gets lots of requests from different users - and isn't tied up by an exclusive agreement elsewhere - Netflix will look into purchasing the licence.

It goes without saying that obscure and unpopular titles are highly unlikely to be picked up by Netflix just because some random person requested it. Then again, maybe there are millions of people who share your fondness for Basket Case 2, or whatever.

Intriguingly, Netflix claims that it will inform users whenever similar TV shows or movies are added to the service - so even if you never get the title you requested, following the steps could still prove useful.

To make to your own Netflix requests, click here!


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