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You wanted: 2018 World Cup viewing tips, a rundown of Australia's fastest NBN plans, the best E3 video game trailers and a guide to tax return work expenses. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. FIFA World Cup 2018: How To Watch Live, Online And Free
    They don't call it the 'World Game' for nothing: Alongside the Summer Olympics, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet. Over four weeks, the best 32 teams in the world will compete in 64 games to determine a winner. Here's everything you need to know about watching the 2018 World Cup in Australia.
  2. Watch The FIFA World Cup Live Stream Free Here!
    Want to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup online? We have the Socceroos World Cup 2018 live streams right here!
  3. Australia's Best NBN Plans, Ranked By Speed [Updated]
    When it comes to the NBN, we know that plans and providers are not all equal. Despite standard speed tiers, the performance in our homes varies quite a bit, especially during the evening peak times.
  4. Five Ways To Watch The World Cup For Free In Australia
    For the past few decades, it's been possible for Aussies to enjoy the FIFA World Cup without paying for the privilege - telly reception permitting, of course. This year, Optus has snapped up the rights to the event in Australia which means you can no longer rely on free-to-air TV. Fortunately, there are still options available for those who refuse to pay.
  5. Hump Day Deals: Free Google Apps, KFC Vouchers, PS4 Games Sale
    Welcome to Wednesday! Get over the hump with some retail therapy. Here are some of the best deals we've spotted today, including: Get an extra 50% off Catch deals, Sony's Days Of Play sale, cheap Microsoft Surface Laptops and heaps more!
  6. It's Practically Official: Pixel 3 Is Getting A Notch
    Last week, we reported on a leaked Google Pixel 3 XL screen protector that had an iPhone X-esque notch on top. Now, an alleged photo of the actual phone has appeared online - and that telltale little rectangle is plain as day. We're all going to have to get used to notches - they're here to stay.
  7. Which Type Of Bread Is The Healthiest?
    Wholemeal, wholegrain, multigrain, sourdough, rye, white, high fibre white, low GI, low FODMAP, gluten free. With so many choices of bread available, how are we to know which is best for our health? Let's take a look at the science.
  8. The NBN Sucks: What Can I Do?
    The NBN is a painful political boil on the government's arse. After the promise of fast 100Mbps connections was squashed by the Abbott/Turnbull government, in favour of a program that said 25Mbps qualified as broadband, there have been all sorts of delays and issues with the service. A recent survey, albeit with a small sample size, quantified some of that pain, with many NBN customers saying they'd prefer to go back to their old ADSL connections. You know things are bad when ADSL looks like a better option. So, what can you do about it if you're on the NBN but it sucks?
  9. 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Claim On Your Tax Return
    If you haven't filled out your 2016-2017 tax return yet, you better get on it. But before you lodge anything, it pays to do some research on what you can actually claim. Depending on your line of work, you may be eligible for a refund on everything from pet dogs to Netflix! Here are five unusual deductions that you need to consider.
  10. Every Game Trailer From E3 2018 [Updated]
    The best part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the action-packed trailers for upcoming games. Some show gameplay, some show ultra polished cinematics and some are nothing more than a five second tease. But they all get the blood racing if you're a die-hard gamer. Here are the best from this year (so far).


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