How To Watch E3 2018 Live In Australia

How To Watch E3 2018 Live In Australia

If you’re a gamer, E3, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo is your event of the year. If you’re an obsessive gamer, you’ll want to get up at ridiculous times in the morning and get all the gaming news as it happens. Here’s how to watch E3 live and free in Australia.

EA’s E3 Conference

As usual, EA will be hosting its own event, EA Play, a little in advance of the rest of the conference. You can expect to hear about Anthem, Battlefield 5, EA SPORTS and more.

When to tune in:

  • AEST: 4am Sunday June 10
  • ACST: 3:30am Sunday June 10
  • AWST: 2am Sunday June 10
  • NZST: 6am Sunday June 10

Where to watch:

Catch the livestream on YouTube here:

EA will also likely be streaming live on Twitch as well.

Microsoft’s E3 Conference

For everything Xbox One, including (hopefully) some new exclusives, and likely some software or even hardware updates for the console itself, tune into Microsoft’s stream on Monday morning.

When to tune in:

  • AEST: 6am Monday June 11
  • ACST: 5:30am Monday June 11
  • AWST: 4am Monday June 11
  • NZST: 8am Monday June 11

Where to watch:

Check out Microsoft’s stream live on Twitch here:

As with last year, Microsoft will also likely be live on YouTube, Facebook Live and Mixer.

PC Gaming Show’s E3 Conference

For all the PC master race out there, the PC Gaming Show will run on Tuesday morning, bringing gameplay footage and trailers for games both AAA and indie for the PC.

When to tune in:

  • AEST: 8am Tuesday June 12
  • ACST: 7:30am Tuesday June 12
  • AWST: 6am Tuesday June 12
  • NZST: 10am Tuesday June 12

Where to watch:

You can watch live on YouTube here:

You can also catch the livestream on Twitch, Mixer and Facebook Live.

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Sony’s E3 Conference

Sony has already teased more about games like Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Spider-Man and new samurai game Ghost of Tsushima in its showcase teaser. Generally we’ll be looking at a lot of new trailers coming our way, and some new gameplay to boot.

When to tune in:

  • AEST: 11am Tuesday June 12
  • ACST: 10:30am Tuesday June 12
  • AWST: 9am Tuesday June 12
  • NZST: 1pm Tuesday June 12

Where to watch:

You can watch Sony’s showcase on Twitch here:

Or head along to Sony’s own livestreaming site here. Unfortunately the rewards offered for watching there live are only available to gamers in North America, though.

Nintendo’s E3 Conference

As usual, Nintendo won’t have a stage presentation at E3, but it will have a pre-recorded video presentation that’s sure to be full of new stuff coming to the Switch (and hopefully more news on Metroid Prime 4!)

When to tune in:

  • AEST: 1am Wednesday June 13
  • ACST: 1:30am Wednesday June 13
  • AWST: 12am Wednesday June 13
  • NZST: 4am Wednesday June 13

Where to watch:

To watch, check out Nintendo’s live video site here.

We’ve included the main players, but if you’re keen to catch the other shows from the likes of Bethesda and Square Enix, check out Kotaku’s full list of Australian times for E3 here.

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