How To Draw Like A New Yorker Cartoonist

When all you know is stick figures, drawing feels like a mystical power. How do you even start to learn? New Yorker cartoonist Jason Katzenstein shows you how in this video drawing session.

My drawing ability is sub-Pictionary level, so I was nervous when I sat down with Jason. As you’ll see in the video, he led me through a few drawing exercises, where we drew ourselves over and over. Throughout the process, Jason emphasised the importance of gesture drawing, which focuses on the whole shape instead of fussing over details too soon.

My first attempt was terrible: A full-on stick figure. But by the end, I’d managed to scratch out what you see in the thumbnail above. No one would mistake it for a professional drawing, but it’s the best drawing I’ve done since primary school. I bet I could slip it into a first-year art student’s reject pile without much notice.

Next, let Jason teach you how to draw a cartoon.

How To Draw Cartoons

New Yorker cartoonist Jason Adam Katzenstein taught you how to draw what you see. Then he taught you how to draw faces. In the new video above, he shows how he turns all these principles into caricatures for his cartoons.

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