Discover How Much Money You’ve Spent On Steam With This Tool

Discover How Much Money You’ve Spent On Steam With This Tool
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Ever wonder how much money you’ve blown on Steam games over the years? You might not want to really know, but you’re probably curious. And now thanks to Valve’s “External Funds Used” tracker, you can finally get a sense of the long-term damage Steam has done to your financial health.

Screenshot: David Murphy

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Just click on this link, originally spotted by VentureBeat.

And, no, Valve didn’t create the tool to cause you stress (or shame). Instead, it’s likely a reaction to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, which requires companies to be a little bit more transparent about the information they collect from you.

Valve has an entire new page of data you can check out for your Steam account, which includes your full purchase history, help requests, trading history, achievements and game playtimes (to name a very few data points).

Screenshot: David Murphy

Screenshot: David Murphy

As for the “External Funds Used” page, Your “OldSpend” numbers on the page will refer to anything you purchased before Valve implemented its Limited User Account restrictions in 2015. You can also see your “PWSpend”, which refers to money you’ve spent specifically buying games run by Perfect World Entertainment, such as the MMO Star Trek Online.


  • TotalSpend $955.79
    OldSpend $877.48
    Seems I started strong then got bored of buying new releases. $78 spent since 2015.

  • 293 Games (64 Steam Purchases, 121 Retail Keys, 31 Complimentary/Free Keys)
    Total Steam Spend $1061 (64 Steam Purchases)
    Humble Bundle $122
    Other purchases: Estimate $240 – for instore/key sellers purchases usually for games that were on sale elsewhere or cheaper in-store (Bethesda mostly).

    Spent more playing World of Warcraft, If Blizzard told me how much I spent, I would faint!

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