Celebrate National Selfie Day With Our Best Selfie Tips

Celebrate National Selfie Day With Our Best Selfie Tips
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Apparently, today is National Selfie Day. We didn’t realise selfies had a day of celebration and aren’t sure they warrant one. Then again, the same thing could be said about dog biscuits, broccoli, curling and talking like a pirate. In any event, it feels like a good excuse to revisit some of our best selfie-related tips and insights – from Gizmodo editor Rae Johnston’s one-year odyssey of daily selfies to the trials and tribulations of taking selfies in the buff.

What I Learned Taking A Selfie Every Day For A Year

How To Take Selfies That Don’t Look Like Selfies

Ten Ways To Give Your ‘Selfies’ More Impact

How To Fake ‘Before And After’ Fitness Selfies

We’ve all seen those transformation photos of people going from pufferfish-like bellies to enviously defined abs. You may have mused, “I wish I could get to that ‘After’ picture, too.” Oh, but you can. Without actually being close to that great a shape, in fact. It’s not honest, but marketers do it, and hot damn, you will look fabulous.

Portrait Photography Tips From A Selfie Expert

In this day and age, taking a good selfie is an important skill to have — especially if you’re looking for more Instagram-cred. If you find that your selfies are a little underwhelming and just aren’t pulling the likes, here a few things to keep in mind so you can snap the perfect insta-worthy pic.

Theme Days Are Bullshit

[image url="http.//edge.alluremedia.com.au/m/l/2017/02/Pirates.jpg" align="center" size="xlarge" nocrop="true" caption="Image.

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Why The Funeral Selfie Needs To Stay Dead And Buried

Ask LH: What Is The Best Camera For Selfies?

Here’s The Data Facebook Can Learn From Your Selfies

Today the Wall Street Journal listed all the data Facebook can grab when you upload a photo, based on Facebook’s privacy and data collection policies. The list illustrates what we’ve said before: Facebook doesn’t need to spy on your through your microphone, because you already let it spy on everything else you do.

How To Keep Selfies From Making Your Nose Look Bigger

It’s official: selfies definitely make your schnoz look drastically larger than it actually is – up to 30 per cent. That’s according to a recent study that compared photos of people’s faces being taken from different distances. But don’t worry you selfie fiend you, there’s an easy way to fix it.

Camera Faceoff: Does Oppo’s F1 ‘Selfie Phone’ Really Work?

all the rage

How To Find Your Selfie In A Museum

You may have noticed the historic-artwork-selfie craze sweeping the web right now, comparing faces to famous paintings and art from around the world. You might be wondering “what historic piece of work does my face resemble?” and “how do I find out?” Well, both of those questions can be answered simply – by using Google’s Arts and Culture app.

Need Selfie Tips? Ask A Neural Network

In my salad days I posted some supremely unflattering selfies. I was a photo newbie, a bearded amateur mugging for the camera. I’m happy to say that the results of my self-portraits (shared below purely for educational purposes, of course) have improved through experience, but if I had a ruthless robot telling me where I was going wrong it would have been a lot easier. Luckily, the magic of machine learning is now upon us, and it’s here to tell us how to take a good selfie.

How To Take Topless Travel Photos

An Expert’s Guide To Taking Nude Selfies

And last but not least…

Taking Selfies Doesn’t Make You A Narcissist

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