Adobe’s Project Rush Will Make It Easy To Shoot, Edit And Publish Video

Adobe’s Project Rush Will Make It Easy To Shoot, Edit And Publish Video
Image: Adobe

Adobe has been one of the “go to” providers of software for creative professionals for a long time. But they’ve struggled to convert that into market success with consumers. And now that we live in a time when shooting and uploading video is commonplace, they’re doing their best to enter that market. Project Rush is all about shooting, editing and uploading video as quickly as possible.

Project Rush looks like a powered up version of the video shooting apps already available on most smartphones. But it has many of the editing and other tools that are typically found in third-party apps. With Rush, you’ll be able to shoot the movie, edit it, add titles and publish them from one place.

It will also be multi-platform and sit on Adobe Creative Cloud so you can shoot and do some edits on one device and then switch to another for more complex projects. For example, you can shoot with your smartphone and then jump to a PC or tablet to do some more in-depth editing before publishing the video online.

Project Rush is in beta and available once you go through a short sign-on process. It will be available on desktops, laptops and iOS devices with Android support listed as “coming soon”. Signing on means you’ll be notified when the beta actually starts so you can access the software.

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