What We Can Expect From Google I/O

What We Can Expect From Google I/O
Image: Google

Google I/O is the search giant’s annual developer event. It kicks off overnight in Mountain View, California, just a day after Microsoft Build so they get a chance to not only announce their new products and services but also react to what’s coming from the crowd in Seattle. So, what can we expect?

If you’re up early and want to watch the opening keynote, you can do that from Google I/O website from about 3:00AM EST.

Amongst the announcements that have already been dribbled out by Google, we’ve heard that Google Pay is set to expand its presence from mobile devices to the web and Google Assistant will expand it’s footprint to more hardware. WearOS gets new Assistant features and some new new autoplay features will come to Chrome. There’s also talk of Android adding some help so we can manage the time we spend on smartphones and tablets better. This is like a personal extension to Family Link.

By releasing these tidbits over the last week or so, it suggests Google is holding back something more substantial that they didn’t want diluted by lots of smaller announcements. My money is on two things; an expansion of their cloud services now that AWS and Azure are squeezing them, and a big boost to their efforts with machine learning and artificial intelligence. It’s in these emerging areas where they can regain some of the ground they’ve lost as others have overtaken them recently.

This a great time for developers. As well today’s news from Build, Facebook’s recent F8 event delivered updates to Messenger and Workplace as well as a bunch of other announcements.

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