This Interactive, Updating Map Shows All The Gigs Happening Tonight In Melbourne

Image: Ester / Wikipedia

If you're on the lookout for a new way to find upcoming gigs in Melbourne, local developer Matt Segal has come up with a great answer: an updating map that displays events as clickable pins, complete with name, date and entry fee (if any).

After finding Beat Magazine's curated list of gigs "a bit tiresome to navigate", Segal decided to come up with his own interface — a map.

Image: Matt Segal / Google

Right now, it's pretty bare bones, but it's definitely a great start. Segal has made the source code available on GitHub, if you're curious as to how it works.

He's already working on improvements, such as future dates, genre categorisation, more data sources and better performance, but if you have any suggestions, hit him up on Reddit.

What's On Melbourne [Official site, via Reddit]


    Australias tourism board really needs something like this, every "whats on" site across the county is horrible to find things to do

    There are things like the triple J gig guide, but its hard to search by distance,

    My best example was a trip to berlin, I was looking around the city, checking all kinds of "what to do / see" websites, and it wasnt until I walked up to a big tourist attraction in the middle of the city, that i found "the blue man group" is doing shows only a few km away.

    While the sites focused on "wine tasting tours" and the like, does anyone seriously head to another country just to taste wine?

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