The NBN Explained In 90 Seconds

Since its initial inception back in 2007, the National Broadband Network (NBN) has been described as slow, expensive, unreliable, poorly implemented, unfair, needlessly restrictive and obsolete - and those are just the criticisms we can print. But how does it actually work?

If the endless stream of NBN jargon has left you feeling confused and befuddled, this 90-second video explainer can help.

The video above comes from telco provider Amaysim. It's essentially a beginner-friendly NBN explainer that attempts to break down everything customers need to know in 90 seconds. Blessedly, the branding is kept to a minimum so you don't need to sit through any ads to get the relevant info.

On the downside, the focus is on the different speed tiers and customer obligations (i.e. - switching to the NBN is compulsory if you want to keep using phone and internet.) Meanwhile, the various services that make up NBN Co's Multi Technology Mix barely get a mention. But never fear - we've outlined everything you need to know right here.

NBN Hacker: The World's Most Confusing Network Explained

We thought we were going to enjoy 100Mbps of speedy internet access. Then the politicians got involved and we ended up with something of a dog's breakfast - or dog's vomit according to some. So, what are the connectivity options that the NBN will deliver and how do they differ? Let's take a look.

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Not satisfied with your telco? You can check out some of the most affordable NBN plans in the table below.

[YouTube / Amaysim]


    Ill describe the LNP NBN in one word:


      Ooh, looks like you hit a nerve there.

      But it's true, the liberal NBN FTTN policy is an utter failure and has a ever growing list of dissatisfied customers.

    Why does data "increase even more after you switch to the NBN"?

      I believe it's because of the increased speed people consume more and at a higher quality when streaming.

    Not happy with "compulsory" but I suppose If we are on 4g or 5g mobile broadband then we too are on the NBN.
    What I have learn so far is Testra's 4g running at a cool 113mbps, and is a good workaround to using the slow nodes and wires from street corner.

    Made my day. Clicked on the article and got a "This Site Can't Be Reached" message. Typical. Was it PM Tony Abbot who implemented the current NBN? I forget. Anyway, before it's even completed it's a dinosaur.

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