SharePoint And Office 365 Get AI And VR Upgrades

SharePoint And Office 365 Get AI And VR Upgrades
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has made a bunch of announcements at their SharePoint Virtual Summit. The big change on the SharePoint side of things is Spaces – which give a virtual reality spin to how people interact with information stored in SharePoint. Artificial intelligence has been further integrated in to Office 365 with the ability to better understand what you were working on as well offer more information about images you use and an improved way of working with files in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft said the new VR capability in SharePoint will allow you to create more immersive experiences. For example, rather than making employee induction a dry, paper-based process filled with policies and procedures to read, you can make it into a 3D environment where new employees can explore and discover things at their own pace.

Similarly, product development or staff education can be designed to take advantage of new ways to share information and collaborate.

Search in SharePoint and across Office 365 is getting smarter. When you start a new document or presentation, Office 365’s new AI capability helps you find related files so you can use existing resources more easily. If you use Microsoft Teams, there are also new tools for sharing files and collaborating.

Not to be left off the GDPR bandwagon, Microsoft also announced that Multi-Geo Capabilities for Office 365 will be extended to SharePoint, beginning with a public preview during our winter.

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