Samsung ‘Galaxy X’ Leaked Details: The Future Is Folded

Samsung ‘Galaxy X’ Leaked Details: The Future Is Folded
Image: The Bell

The ink on the marketing brochures for the recently released Samsung Galaxy S9 is barely dry and the rumours are already flying about next year’s update. For a while, there’s been speculation that a folding OLED display would be coming soon. According to leaks from South Korea, “coming soon” has been defined as Mobile World Congress 2019.

Folding OLED displays have a wide range of potential applications. I can see it being used in e-book readers to give readers an experience closer to that of physical books. But for smartphones, it offers a way to keep devices small and give users an option for a larger display.

While zooming by using gestures and responsive websites have made mobile browsing pretty good, there’s no substitute for a little bit of extra screen real estate. A folding display would deliver that.

According to the Google Translate version of this page, at The Bell, the new phone has been given the code name “Winner”. This is a switch from the previous code name, Valley, signalling a move from development to production.

The new phone is rumoured to have three 3.5-inch displays. Two will fold into each other to create a wider display when opened, with the third on the back so you can use the device without having to unfold it.

If the rumours are true, this would be the first significant update to the smartphone design since the introduction of the first iPhone over a decade ago. If you take that first iPhone, it’s easy to see the evolution of the smartphone from what we had then to where we are today. But a three-screen foldable smartphone would be a massive shift that would put most other smartphone makers on the back foot.


    • I read through a google translate of the source article and didn’t even find a mention of images, leaked or otherwise. It’s just about the codename change and the fact that it could be shown off at MWC next year. I didn’t even see a mention of “Galaxy X”, it mentions a Galaxy 10 that is not the folding phone.
      The article also states that the project could just die altogether, which wouldn’t be a big deal for Samsung apparently.
      In some cases, Samsung Electronics does not rule out the possibility of giving up even if the folder blueprint is not complete. A securities researcher said, “Since the volume of the folder is not large, it will not be a burden even if it is abandoned midway.”

      • I agree that headline was a little misleading. The most recent leak did include specs and design details, but no actual images. I have updated the headline to reflect this.

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