How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]
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Getting through the work week is tough enough already without throwing sleep deprivation into the mix. Sadly, it is estimated that up to 35 per cent of Aussies suffer from sleep deprivation and related symptoms such as fatigue, sleepiness and irritability. If you’re in this bleary-eyed camp, it’s time to take action. This infographic explains how to fix common issues affecting your ability to sleep – from leg cramps to snoring partners.

This infographic from Business Insider is based on scientific research from Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, the Journal of Pain Research and others. In just a few short sentences, it breaks down nine common causes of sleep loss and how to rid them from your life.

For those keen to learn more, we’ve included the original sources beneath each mini explainer. Good luck getting some shut-eye tonight!

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Find out more at Mayo Clinic.

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Find out more at National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Sleep Foundation and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.

Find out more at Chronobiology International.

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