McDonald's New Ordering App Is Actually Good

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Outside of ordering chicken nuggs for potential Lifehacker articles, I wasn't a big fan of McDonald's "mymacca's" app. It was clunky and constantly kicked me out - not things I was all that happy with when you're trying to order fast food. But now, Maccas has overhauled the app! So how is it?

The most striking change is the user interface, which is now so much cleaner than it used to be. Macca's was using a tiles system, where offers appeared at the bottom of the home page on tiles that you could tap on and redeem. The tile functionality still exists, but the screen is less cluttered and each tile rotates off as if you're swiping Tinder likes and dislikes, except like a terrible wheel that's about to fall off.

The home screen always opens to the "Start An Order" tile and clicking on that takes you to a fairly familiar UI that allows you to see menu options grouped together. However, the My Rewards section stays right at the top. At the moment that features the McCafe rewards program (Buy 5 get 1 free) and limited time offers like Free Large Sundaes with a $10 purchase. To apply those to your order, you can either add them to the 'cart' in-app or just scan them in at the restaurant.

If you want to favourite and nickname any menu item (of course, change the 24 McNuggets to 'nuggs') then it is just the tap of a button. Your favourites will appear at the top of the order screen.

You can also find out whether McDelivery is available to you now — I can't get it in my area yet — and can order straight through the app.

It hasn't been received overly well, looking through the Play Store's Reviews but hey, if it works, people generally don't complain, I guess, and if it doesn't you get stuff like this:

Image: Google Play Store

Here's Maccas video on exactly how the new UI all operates:

What do you think of it? Good upgrade? Terrible?

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    The McFeast has disappeared from the app, and along with it the $5 Small McFeast meal.

    I heard the crappy previous app was developed in house. Did they finally bite the bullet and disbanded that development team?

    I ordered from the new App this afternoon. I've ordered many times before but this time someone else somehow made it before I did and added a bunch of items to my order so I ended up being charged for their food and I got nothing... I contacted McDonald's and am waiting for a refund atm

    The best change is the ios app name change from "Order" to "McDonalds". Searching for "Order" wasn't intuitive.

    I tried it out ant the app looks the part but was quite slow in parts. Then when I went to the drive-through to get my order, they couldn't find it. I had to speak to a manager, then another manager, who went and spoke to their store manager (how many managers in a single Maccas?) before they had the bright idea to just key in the order manually while I read it out from the "recent orders" section of the app.
    It sounds somewhat similar to what that one-star review quoted in the article was going through. It's obviously got some teething issues going on.

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