Learn How To Become A DJ In Just Six Weeks

You may think it’s easy to be a DJ — after all, they just play some pre-recorded music and hit play and jump around behind a deck right? — but you would be, sadly, wrong. Holding the crowd’s attention through an extended set ain’t easy and takes skill and smarts. If you’re keen on spinning tunes but never really knew where to start, then you’ll want to listen up.

Here’s an easy way for any budding DJs to get a leg up.

It’s not, in theory, difficult to start being a DJ, provided you get the right equipment and can establish a set of goals you’re looking to hit. Are you wanting to perform to big crowds, work as a more exhibitionist DJ, manipulating sounds on the turntables – or is this a scenario where you want to play music in clubs, getting people on their feet and bouncing around the room?

If you’ve ever contemplated DJing, there’s no hard or fast way to get the experience you need. You have to grind it out. There’s no guarantees you’ll be a walk up start at the local nightclub just because you learnt how to blend songs and transition from hard and fast beats to alternative jams. If it’s purely fame you’re looking for – it’s going to be a long road.

You’re going to need a long list of things to really get going – an all-in-one or modular DJ controller, a list of mixes you’re keen on showcasing and understanding of the basics of music production. You’re also going to need to get invested in really fleshing out the basics of DJing software.

So it’s not about just pressing play. It’s a slog. Where can you start?

You could try Your Shot.

Now in its ninth year, Alcatel’s Your Shot competition gives you a chance to learn how to DJ without ever having touched a turntable in your life. If you’ve got a keen ear for music and want to be able to showcase that on the decks – this seems like a pretty obvious starting point. Unfortunately, it’s only open to the east coast and in each state (NSW, VIC and QLD), up to 100 contestants will be chosen to train

By registering, you can ensure you get a chance at six weeks worth of three hour training sessions. It’s not locked-and-loaded times either, there’s plenty of different opportunities to get into that course, so if you’re stuck at uni or just want to sit on the couch one night and play God of War, that’s cool too.

Each state then holds a two-day event where you can push your training to the limit, in front of *gasp* actual people. That performance will not just include contestants from the Your Shot competition, but includes some of Australia’s best DJs and hopefuls. If you perform, you could be the Your Shot champion which will see you jet off around the world to perform at all sorts of parties.

Sydney’s is on May 12, Brisbane on May 19 and Melbourne on May 26.

Registrations close on May 11, so if you’re keen, head on over to the Your Shot home page.

[referenced url=”https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2017/11/the-australian-dj-transforming-the-art-of-live-performance/” thumb=”https://www.gizmodo.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2017/11/M4SONIC-LP.jpg” title=”The Australian DJ Transforming The Art Of Live Performance” excerpt=”Live performance for rock music, or pop music is well-established. Pop singers perform alongside a team of professional dancer. Rock bands play their instruments live, while the lead singer cavorts. Basic stuff.

But with Electronic Dance Music, the rules are still being written. What does live performance look like for dance music?

Among those pushing the boundaries. Australian DJ M4SONIC.”]

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