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You wanted: Frozen nuts, how to use the NBN address finder, hidden Netflix gems and Samsung Galaxy Note9 rumours.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Five Rumours That Have Our Attention
    With sales of the Galaxy S9 disappointing the execs at Samsung, the company is rumoured to be bringing forward the release of the Galaxy Note 9. So, with the Galaxy Note9 expected in August this year, the rumours of new features are starting to fly.
  2. SOLO: A Star Wars Story - Here Are All The Spoilers!
    People are still angry about The Last Jedi and another Star Wars film is about to drop. SOLO: A Star Wars Story is the second Anthology series film, following in the steps of Rogue One before it. Though it releases in a week's time, we have all the juicy spoilers right here. Which means, yes, this article is FULL. OF. SPOILERS. If you want to go in to the film blind, don't click through. If you're keen to hear exactly how it all plays out - this is the article for you.
  3. You Should Be Freezing Your Nuts
    You think you love nuts, but you have never loved a nut the way you love a frozen nut.
  4. Virgin Mobile Is Being Shut Down: What You Need To Know
    Over the next two years, Optus is going to be slowly phasing out their Virgin Mobile brand, shutting 36 stores across Australia. The move will likely see Virgin's million-plus customer base shifted over to Optus - but details currently remain scant. Here's what you need to know if you're a Virgin Mobile customer and some potential alternative providers for you to take a look at.
  5. 2018 UEFA Champions League Final: How To Watch Live, Online And Free In Australia
    The world's most watched annual sporting event takes place this Sunday morning in Kiev, when Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid take on English stalwarts Liverpool for the UEFA Champions League Cup. Sports fans the world over want to get in on the action, including the stadium-overflowing amounts of Liverpool fans that call Australia home. If you're looking to catch the game - here's how to do that live, online and free.
  6. Amazon Australia Has Become The Destination For Cheap Video Games
    Here at Lifehacker HQ, we've been pretty hard on Amazon Australia during its first six months in business. We've slammed them and we've studied them. We've complained and we've applauded. Truly, they're coming good and prices are lining up with what many had expected pre-launch.
  7. 10 More Netflix Hidden Gems To Add To Your Watch List
    There's nothing like finding a theatrical diamond in the trashy TV wasteland rough of Netflix. There's quality up and down the service, but there's also some real hard PASS material. It can make finding that next show or movie pretty difficult.
  8. When Will You Get The NBN?
    The company behind the National Broadband Network has updated its searchable rollout map to coincide with its revised three-year timetable. Want to know when the NBN is coming to your suburb? All you need to do is type your address into the website.
  9. Virgin Mobile Shutdown: The Best Alternative Plans
    Virgin Mobile is not long for this world. Over the next two years, parent company Optus will be phasing out the brand and is likely to move all customers to its own network. So why stick around?
  10. 17 Science Fiction Books That Forever Changed The Genre
    Speculative fiction is the literature of change and discovery. But every now and then, a book comes along that changes the rules of science fiction for everybody. Certain great books inspire scores of authors to create something new. Here are 21 of the most influential science fiction and fantasy books.


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