How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication For Firefox

How To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication For Firefox

Firefox has started rolling out two-factor authentication, and if you use the browser to store any passwords you should enable it now.

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If you’re not familiar with two-factor authentication, it works essentially as a second line of defence for protecting your account. When you enter your password, you’ll be prompted to also enter a numerical code that you’ll get from an Authenticator app (some sites and services also allow you to get that number via SMS). That means that not only would a scammer have to acquire your password to get entry into your account, they’d need to have your phone as well.

Screenshot: E.Price/Firefox

Two-factor is rolling out now and should be available in the Settings menu of your Firefox browser soon. If you don’t want to wait (you shouldn’t) you can also enable it now by clicking this link and then tapping “Enable” beside the “Two-step authentication” menu item. When you do, a QR code will appear for you to scan to connect your account to an Authenticator app.

That means you’ll need to have an Authenticator app picked out in order to make it work. I personally recommend Google Authenticator or Authy.


  • this is fine as long as you have a smart phone and/or are able to read a txt message. What do you do if you are vision impaired or have physical problems manipulating a cell phone? This can see you being locked out of obtaining help when you need it, and does happen when no consideration is given to those with disabilities.

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