How To Make A Proper Aussie Beef Pie

How hard can it be to make a pie? Not some half-hearted effort, but a proper Aussie pie, full of real beef, gravy and onion? As with all cooking endeavours, the little details and techniques are as important as the big ticket items.

As this video from Free To Cook explains, while you can use regular mince, the end result isn't going to be anywhere as satisfying as if you'd used steak. In this case, scotch fillets are used, but you could probably get away with a cheaper cut.

If you've ever wondered why your gravy is never up to scratch, you might be missing a small touch, such as the addition of water, tomato paste or cornflour, all of which contribute to the texture and thickness.

Image: Free To Cook

My main criticism of the video is the use of the BBQ to make the pies, without any alternate oven instructions. You can probably muddle your way through, but it would have been nice to see times / temperatures for those of us without one.

How to cook an Aussie Beef Pie [YouTube]


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