Google Updates Chrome With Security Fixes And VR/AR Support

Google Updates Chrome With Security Fixes And VR/AR Support
Image: Google

The latest stable release of Google Chrome is now available. Version 67 of Chrome includes 34 security fixes as well as several functional updates that keep the browser in a position to take advantage of new technologies that are changing our online experiences.

Looking at the Chrome releases blog, a number of security researchers have been able to cash in and claim on some of the bug bounties Google has on offer with a couple of people claiming $5000 bounties with over $30,000 paid out just on this release.

One of the new features aded to Chrome is support for the Generic Sensor API which access and renders data from sensors in AR and VR devices, fitness monitors and other connected hardware. This will help position Chrome as a tool for delivering richer applications.

One of the key fixes helps to protect users from the Spectre vulnerability that affects Intel CPUs. The site isolation feature to cause impact on memory use. Googles says “It makes it harder for untrusted websites to access or steal information from your accounts on other websites”.

They also note that site isolation does result in higher memory use although Chrome is becoming more efficient at handling Spectre with the memory hit in Version 87 at around 10-11%. That’s down by a few points from Release 65.

With the number of security updates included, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to hold back on upgrading.

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