The Secret To More Instagram Likes Is Blue-Toned Photos [Infographic]

The Secret To More Instagram Likes Is Blue-Toned Photos [Infographic]

Want your Instagram photo to get more likes? Create images with one dominant colour and preferably blue at that, suggests research from marketing and analytics firm Curalate.

Curalate looked at a range of images on Instagram to come up with a few data points on which pics get more likes:

For instance, we found that images with a single dominant hue performed best, generating 17% more likes than images with multiple dominant colours. This is probably due to the fact that when you’re viewing an image just mere inches from your face, the absence of chaos can help you focus. Images with blue as the dominant colour generate 24 per cent more likes than images that are red.

Check out the full infographic for all the things you can do for more engagement on your Instagram snaps.

[Via Curalate blog]


  • I saw the article on this yesterday. They are not completely incorrect about that. I worked for a magazine company before, apparently the magazines which had a blue background sold way better than any of their previous numbers which might have had a different color.

    People also did a psychological study on this in the Netherlands once. They got the most hideous graffiti filled underpasses or alleyways, the kind that look like it’s full of junkies and murderers even though there is no one there and it’s a perfectly good shortcut during daylight.
    Almost 99% of people avoided going through the underpass, however when they painted the entrance of it (just the entrance mind u) a blue color the next day, all of a sudden a lot more people took the shortcut just because it was painted blue. (makes you feel safe?)

    Blue smarties apparently also make you more hyperactive than the other colors,
    but I think that’s just the chemicals in the blue stuff 😉

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