Five Of The Best Portable Battery Packs

Five Of The Best Portable Battery Packs

While the smartphone revolution has been a boon for staying connected and accessing a world of information, keeping enough power in your device’s limited battery can be challenging. We’ve all had those moments when a critical call or message is cut off because the battery dies. But it’s an avoidable problem. Many of the external battery packs you can buy today will deliver two or more charges to most smartphones or your other mobile devices. Here are five that are worth considering.

Belkin MIXIT Rockstar

Price: from $89

Where to find it: Online resellers are offering this charger at a significant discount over the recommended price.

Image: Belkin

I’ve been carrying a Belkin MIXIT charger around for a while now and it’s a very handy device. The 6600mAh battery pack comes with short Lighting and micro-USB cables that slide into a slot on the unit and are held in place magnetically. A small LED indicator tells you how much juice is left in the pack and it can charge two devices simultaneously. It’s small enough to be barely noticeable in your satchel or backpack.

It comes in four different colours so you can coordinate it with your device and there’s also a 10,000mAh version if you need more power.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2

Price: from $30
Where to find it: Online resellers with free shipping within Australia.

Xiaomi has been hitting the market with solid products that undercut their opposition by significant margins. The Power Bank 2 delivers a pair of USB ports for charging devices from a 10,000mAh battery pack with support for quick charging at up to 18W as well as smaller devices.

A series of LEDs let you know how much juice remains in the Power bank 2 and it comes with a micro-USB cable for charging.

This is a great, low-cost option with the Power Bank 2 being upgraded earlier this year from its predecessor.

Vinsic QC3.0 Quick Charge

Price: $47.95
Where to find it: Online with free shipping within Australia.

The Vinsic QC3.0 is an attractive looking device that brings a massive 20,000mAh battery to the party along with a pair of USB-A and a pair of USB-C connectors for bringing power to a wide variety of different devices.

It supports quick charging with Vinsic saying the device can get you close too a three-quarter charge in half an hour with protection in place for high operating temperatures, over voltage and current, and short circuits. Rather than a set of LEDs, the QC3.0 has a digital display to tell you how much power is left in the bank.

Qualcomm Quick Charge QC3.0

Price: $49.95
Where to find it: Online with free shipping within Australia.

Boasting a pair of USB-A ports, micro-USB charging and an LCD display, Qualcomm’s entry to this round up ticks most of the boxes. The anodised aluminium casing is elegant and it’s the kind of accessory that would look at home in an exec briefcase – unlike some of the other units we’ve looked at which have a more utilitarian appearance.

The 20,000mAh power plant will deliver several full charges to your smartphone with protection from overheating as well as power fluctuations that might occur depending on the condition of your device.

It also includes Lightning and micro-USB charging cables.

Cygnett ChargeUp Pro InCharge Power Bank

Price: from $42.50
Where to find it: Online with free shipping within Australia.

Cygnett offers several different options, starting with a smaller 4,400mAh battery with a single USB port through to their 20,000mAh of capacity with USB-A and USB-C outputs. Some offer a fast charge option, in the Charge Up Raid range, and there are several different colour options as well. There are models with a choice between LED and LCD displays to let you know the battery pack’s capacity

In short, if you’re looking for a charger, there’s probably one in the Cygnett range that suits given they cover a wide range of capacities, sizes and ports.


  • I was pleased with a cheapie from MSY – the Romoss 10000mAh PB10. Two ports, one is fast charge the other standard. Only problem is the cable is loose. It’d be nice if it it was like the belkin where there was a carrying slot. But for $29 it’s a bargain.

  • Yes, I have one of them. Seems fine so far, both as a wireless charger and using a cable.

    Mind you, most packs are OK at the start… it’s when they’ve been discharged and charged a few dozen times that quality starts to make itself evident.

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