Does Your Streaming Service Have All The Shows You Want?

Does Your Streaming Service Have All The Shows You Want?

In the year 2018, we are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to streaming services (especially if you count smaller players like Crackle and Quickflix.) Unfortunately, not every show you watch is available on one single platform. So what do you do?

Streaming platforms are great. They give you the option to binge-watch shows at a time of your choosing and not have to deal with cliffhangers week after week. With that said, there are also drawbacks compared to the free-to-air TV model of old.

For example, Foxtel Now is pretty light on original programming, while Netflix lacks Foxtel’s HBO goodies, including Game Of Thrones. Whether you subscribe to Stan, Foxtel Now, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or one of the telco offerings, there are bound to be one or two popular programmes that you simply do not have access to.

We’re curious to hear what you do to overcome this problem. Do you pirate the shows that aren’t available on your platform of choice? Do you subscribe to multiple services? Do you purchase the shows you can’t get on Blu-ray? Or do you just make do with what’s available on the one platform? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I subscribe to Netflix (AU), share my neighbours Stan account, & make regular use of ABC iView/SBSOnDemmand
    But still there’s so often a particular show/movie we’d like to watch, & we have to search for it via alternative means, including borrowing it in little pieces from lots of friends via the internet

  • Foxtel Subscription, Netflix, Stan, Amazon Prime and own lots of DVD / Blu-rays.

    Almost everything new I want to watch I can on these services. The only things I can’t are either shows which have never been shown in Australia on any platform, or the odd new show which isn’t coming here. I used a VPN to watch a BBC comedy earlier this year. Still hasn’t be aired here. There’s probably only 3 different programs this year I have not watched on local providers. 1 has never been aired despite being 7 or 8 seasons in. Two are new comedies, BBC one and a US one. Neither aired here yet. Both excellent.

    I also will use Google Play for some shows. I love It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Only 6 of the 12 seasons have been released on DVD in Australia. So I do buy the odd season of things I want to watch on Google but it’s stupidly expensive. I’ve been rewatching the US Office on Google Play and I think the next season is up to $44 and so I won’t be buying that one any time soon.

    It’s just annoying that there are certain shows of extreme rewatchability and binge watching that are missing from the above platforms for streaming except on the very expensive Play store.

  • Subscribe to Netflix and Stan for streaming. Anything else I get via DVD/Blu-Ray from a Quickflix subscription.

    Tried Foxtel Now, but was unimpressed.
    1. Expensive compared to others.
    2. Watermark on Game Of Thrones (yuck!)
    3. Shows like Legion, only available live, not on demand.
    4. No watch list.

  • Netflix and Stan take care of most things. The only thing I’ve thought about subscribing to has been Westworld (and maybe Game of Thrones for the final season). I’ll pick up Foxtel Now for those for a month or so, but Foxtel Now really sucks.

    Netflix has the best interface. Stan has the most varied content. Foxtel Now is a luxury I generally don’t care for.

  • I wait until it’s shown on FTA/iView/SBS on Demand. If it’s not, I don’t watch it…

    I’m looking forward to watching GoT when I retire…

  • Not only we have to pay more for these services, frustrating to see shows available in US before AUS. Meaning u have to cut internet to avoid spoilers OR borrow little pieces of your show from hundred thousands of friends. I pay for Netflix for clear conscious rest I borrow… I will pay slightly more if ALL my shows available in one platform available as soon as it is available in US.

  • Netflix was talking about the end of exclusive content only a few years ago, what happened to that?

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