Dealhacker: Get The Dreamy, Isometric Puzzler Monument Valley For Free

Image: IGDB/ustwo games

Android: Monument Valley is currently free to download on the Google Play store. If you've heard about it, but never had a chance to play it, there's never been a better time. We've got you covered - here's how to grab it.

Monument Valley is a whimsical, isometric puzzle game developed by ustwo games and originally released way back in 2014. If you ever watched House of Cards, you might know it as one of Frank Underwood's favourite pasttimes. Back upon release, sister site Kotaku called it "soothing" and said "it's only an hour long, but it's one of the very finest hours, and the value of such a thing is incalculable".

It's one of those rare games that you can get lost in and not realise how much time has passed. It's captivating and gently pushes you to solve its Penrose Steps-esque challenges. I highly recommend it. Currently, it holds a 4.7 rating on the Play Store from some 160,000 reviews.

Note: The free download doesn't include Monument Valley's DLC "Forgotten Shores" which presents you with eight new chapters. You'll still need to pay your $2.76 to grab that. If you enjoy it enough, there's always the option to pay for extra - and there's even a Monument Valley 2.

You can grab it from the Play Store right here.


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