Dealhacker: 3 Months Of Free Streaming Music With Deezer

Image: JÉSHOOTS / Pexels

Spotify might be the default choice for many when it comes to streaming music, but it doesn't hurt to try out other options, especially if you can do so without spending a cent. If you want to give Deezer a go, you can get three whole months of premium access free right now.

To take advantage of the offer, hit up the following link on Deezer and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Then, click the "Start your 90 day trial" button (shown below).

Image: Deezer

As OzBargain user "doweyy" explains, once you've signed up, there's no need to keep your subscription active to enjoy your three months:

Easiest way to cancel is within your account, you can cancel straight away and you will retain Premium+ for 3 months Here. If you use PayPal, you can also cancel the payment here just in case.

Plans [Deezer, via OzBargain]


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