10 Tips To Sleep Better Tonight

10 Tips To Sleep Better Tonight
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Regardless of whether you’re a sleepaholic or an insomniac, your bedroom should be a clean, soothing sanctuary where you can retreat from the demands of the world.

But if your bedroom makes you go ‘argh!’ rather than ‘ahh’, don’t lose sleep over it, because we have 10 tips for creating the sleep haven of your dreams.

1. Declutter

It is difficult to relax amongst clutter as it can stimulate the mind, not calm it. Look for ways to get rid of clutter, distribute it in other areas of the home or find better storage ideas for your bedroom. Spotlight’s bedroom storage solutions, such as vacuum storage bags, hanging shelves, four drawer wire baskets and stackable storage boxes, enable you to put things away but find them easily when you need them.

2. Clean your room

Soft furnishings in bedrooms and unwashed bed linen harbour allergens like dust mites, which are detrimental to your health and to a good night’s sleep. Changing all your bedlinen frequently, vacuuming and dusting your bedroom regularly are ways to ensure that dust and dirt don’t impact the quality of your sleep.

3. Buy new pillows

Hands up if it’s been a while since you changed your pillow. If the sight that greets you when you remove the pillowslip makes your hair stand on end, you are well overdue for a new one. Spotlight’s extensive bedroom range includes affordable pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes and types with soft, medium or firm filling to suit your preference.

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4. Choose new linen

Spruce up your bed and make it super inviting with fresh, new bed linen! Spotlight have a fabulous range of colours and fabrics both online and instore at guaranteed low prices. Choose cool polycotton or cotton for summer breathability and soft flannelette for snuggly winter warmth. Remember, the higher the thread count the softer the linen for that deep, luxurious slumber.

5. Ventilate your room

Whether it’s while you’re sleeping or during the day, good ventilation prevents the air in your bedroom from becoming stale and stuffy. Providing air circulation via an open window or a fan can improve your quality of sleep and have you waking with that fresh-as-a-daisy feeling.

6. Find the right temperature

Being too hot or too cold is one of the most common causes of restless sleep. Try to keep your bedroom on the cool side and use layered bedding to reach the most comfortable sleeping temperature for you.

10 Tips To Sleep Better TonightImage: Supplied

7. Prevent noise and light

A cool, quiet, dark bedroom is conducive to quality zzz’s. If you live in an area where noise is a common disturbance, try ear plugs or sleep apps to lessen the impact of external noise. Blackout blinds or curtains will also help to reduce external light and sound while insulating your bedroom.

8. Redecorate your bedroom

Redecorating your bedroom with furnishings, bedding and accessories you love isn’t just fun, it can have a positive impact on your state of mind too! Choose a soothing colour scheme and soft textiles such as decorative pillows and floor rugs to create a relaxed and inviting bedroom you can’t wait to snooze in.

9. Remove electronic devices

Televisions, iPads and laptops all stimulate your senses and don’t belong in the bedroom. Limit electronic devices wherever possible and move them to family rooms, studies and home offices – out of sight, out of mind.

10. Switch off your phone

Turn your mobile phone off at night to avoid the temptation of reading emails and scanning social media when you should be sleeping! Switch your phone to flight mode if you want to use it as your alarm clock.

And there you have it, 10 top tips for creating a soothing sleep sanctuary in your home. Sweet dreams!