How To Watch YouTube Videos Without The Ads

How To Watch YouTube Videos Without The Ads

Android: If you’re tired of suffering through annoying YouTube ads, the company’s YouTube Red subscription is a solid option. Unfortunately, it also costs $10 a month. If you don’t feel like paying and/or don’t require access to YouTube Red’s exclusive content, there’s another ad-free YouTube player for Android you can get – for free.

Newpipe is a popular player that lets you watch YouTube videos without opting into Google Play Services. That means Google can’t track what you’re watching, which is great if you’re worried about protecting your online privacy. The app also copies a couple of YouTube Red’s best features, like ad-free streaming and the option to download videos for offline viewing.

Most recently, Newpipe’s developers added livestreaming videos to the app. So you can watch your favourite video game streamers, live news shows, and more without dealing with any ads. You can grab the latest update right now from Github (via Reddit).

If you’ve never used Newpipe before, you’ll have to install it first, which takes a little work since it’s not available through Google Play. Your best bet is to download F-Droid, an alternative app store for open-source software. From there you can securely install Newpipe on your Android device. Just don’t forget to switch on “Install from unknown sources” first from the Security section of your Settings menu.

You can also skip a step and download the Newpipe APK directly onto your phone or tablet right here. The only drawback is that using this method means you won’t get future app updates automatically.


  • How To Watch YouTube Videos Without The Ads

    Get Youtube RED if its that important to not have ads. Don’t be an arse. Actually support the creators on YouTube by Paying or watching ads.

  • Here, here to the commenter that said get YouTube red or suck up the ads! Red is suck a great deal, especially on the family plan. Not only do you get ad free but you also Music subscription via YT Music and Google Play music (until they most likely merge at IO in May) but you also get dam simple offline viewing! My son loads his iPad (did I mention its cross platform) with tons of videos for long trips.
    Family plan is 6 users (I think it’s 6) for about $17.

  • The article didn’t mention that YouTube Red is included in Google Play Music subscriptions.

    The best way to go is to share a family subscription with five other ‘family members’. You’ll get GPM and Youtube Red for only $3 per month.

    • +1 for family subscription. Music stream and ad free youtube for a couple of dollars a month. You don’t even have to be a real family but there is an element of trust required. Good friends could become a “family”.

  • Lifehack: don’t want to pay for something? Steal it!

    Lifehack: don’t want your mother to be proud of you?
    Work for

    Honestly lifehacker as a website, which I imagine requires advertising revenue to pay it’s content creators, why would you promote this?

    Pay the AU$17 per month for 6 people to get ad free YouTube and Google Play Music.

    • Your criticism has been noted and though I didn’t write this – my mother isn’t proud of me.

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