This Modular Couch In A Box Takes Ten Minutes To Build

This Modular Couch In A Box Takes Ten Minutes To Build
Image: Companion Couch

I bought my mattress online from one of those mattress in a box companies that I was constantly hearing good things about. In theory, that seems like a terrible idea, but with free returns, I decided to give it a go. I didn’t regret it. Now an Australian company wants to put a couch in a box and ship it to you – and they say it only takes ten minutes to build. Take that, IKEA!

Sydney-based Companion Couch are trying to deliver on the modular furniture model that has taken off in the bedroom in recent times with the likes of Koala and Ecosa. They’ve transplanted that idea and sent it to the lounge room, with a couch that – according to them – can be built in seven minutes.

The couch is touted as a way to improve your life, which seems like a lofty, high goal for a thing that you sit on at the end of the day. It seems squarely aimed at those who live in small apartment spaces and need to get a couch over a balcony or pivot it around a staircase. However, there are a few little life-upgrades that this couch has made that may just make it slightly more appealing than your current two-seater.

Their lounge chair costs $650, with a two-seater setting you back $850 and a three-seater costing $1050. Each couch comes with an in-built charging dock, too, one of the more interesting aspects for me, a human being who cannot be without my mobile phone and has a couch nowhere near a wall outlet. Each couch comes with a 10 year warranty and 30-day trial.

Notably, the team behind Companion Couch also donate a portion of each sale to Maggie’s Rescue, an animal welfare charity that supports getting animals into permanent homes.

Koala will also be launching a modular sofa in the near future and, the way they’re tracking, perhaps they’ll even be launching a modular house. It will be interesting to see how the two compare when they are finally released.

If this sounds appealing and you want to check it out, Companion Couch are currently taking orders for their next shipment.

Lifehacker will be lazing around on the couch in future and seeing if we can break the seven minute build time record.


  • Surely if your couch is already nowhere near a wall outlet, a built in charging station in your couch (which will need to be plugged into a wall outlet near the couch) is of little use to you as well?

    • I probably should make that clearer. It wouldn’t be an issue if I was already always plugged in – it’s the moving my single phone charger back and forth between bedroom and living space. It’s laziness 101. A second charger might work, but a second charger on the end of an extension cable… blegh.

          • I had two desk lamps initially, which I just use for wireless charging, although they do have a USB port for an additional wired connection. One was at my desk, and another on my piano – both work great although you have to learn the trick of placing the phone so that it is detected, as there is no feedback on the lamp for a connection. Considering I’m paying less for lamp + charger than a stand alone charger, I can’t complain, and we don’t have messy cables all over the house.

            A month ago I bought a standard lamp for the lounge, which has a waist-high charging shelf. Note that although the IKEA catalogues generally only show one shade, you can pick out almost any from their range.

    • Hi Attila! Thanks for reaching out. The charging dock makes it easier to plug in if you’re stuck in the middle of a Netflix binge – we’re not saying it’s going to cure cancer – but it does improve your relaxation time a little bit! x

  • $1050 for a three seater is pretty pricey, plus you have to pay a “reserve fee” of $120 on top of that, so $1170 in total. The idea of a modular (and easy to move) couch aside, I can get something for better value elsewhere.

    2 of the 3 reviews on the site note the inbuilt charger. That’s a great idea (and I’m being generous with the “great” part), but hardly the criteria I look for in a couch.

  • IT looks bloody flimsy, the leg on the left is all crooked and it looks like he’s holding up that arm wrest he’s leaning on so it doesn’t break under his weight.
    Electricity and furniture sounds like a really bad idea, just wait for the inbuilt charging to start a fire, awesome!

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