The New Mac Pro Is Coming – Next Year

The New Mac Pro Is Coming – Next Year
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If you’re waiting for Apple’s next generation Mac Pro, you’re going to have to be patient. After ditching the the previous “revolutionary” model as a result of some design decisions that didn’t play out as expected, Apple was forced into dropping their high-end system and boosting the iMac line with the iMac Pro. But the all new Mac Pro, which was announced a year ago and anticipated this year, isn’t coming till 2019.

After spending most of this decade waiting for a new high-end system, many creative professionals have already jumped ship to Windows in order to get the processing power and flexibility they want. And while the iMac Pro is no slouch, many people would prefer to make their own decisions about what display is attached to the system – something they can’t really do with the iMac Pro.

In a recent interview, Tom Boger, senior director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing, said “the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It’s not something for this year”.

Rather than tackling the Mac Pro as a hardware project, Apple has pulled together a “Pro Workflow Team” that is building a computer that fits in with production workflows rather than speeds and feeds, as well as working with outside voices such as Adobe.

That augurs well for the Mac Pro when it finally arrives. But will it be too late for a community of hard core Apple fans that has had its patience tested?

Are you a pro using the iMac Pro? Or are you clinging to your Mac Pro until next year? Or have you jumped ship?


  • So long as they don’t do a Samsung, and release it before it’s ready, it’s all good.

    From all the reviews I have read, the iMac pro is a great little machine.
    That should keep most pros happy for another year.

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