The Best Music Streaming Services In 2018 [Infographic]

Although vinyl seems to be making a hipster-generated comeback, that old CD collection is nearing obsoletion. The rise and rise of music streaming services might be destroying physical media sales, but man, it makes my life super easy. Spotify, Apple Music… Pandora? Which streaming service is the best?

Physical and download revenues from music sales are dropping all across the globe, but streaming continues to explode (okay, not you, Tidal).

Unsurprisingly, Spotify continues to dominate the scene – it transcended being a service and sort of become a noun synonymous with streaming music instead. have put all those stats into a pretty neat little infographic below highlighting Spotify’s dominance, but also how well services like Apple Music and Amazon Music are doing.

Apple is sitting pretty in second place with around 40 millions users, while Amazon Music, which has only recently come to Australia, clocks in at third place, in terms of paying users, at 16 million across the world. There’s Google Play Music, too – a service that a lot of people actually use apparently! Fantastic.

There are some other interesting stats that speak a little more to the impermanence of digital media: Hits don’t stay at the top of the charts for as long as they used to (okay, not you, Ed Sheeran) and downloads have decreased by about 10 percent. It makes me a little bit nostalgic for my CD collection and rushing to the store on a release day for a new LP. Admittedly, that CD collection does take up valuable space in my apartment.

Take a look at the infographic:



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