Six Deals You Should Know About In Australia Today

Six Deals You Should Know About In Australia Today
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G’day! Here are some cracking video game deals for Lifehacker readers today including Galaxy S9+ deals, $299 GoPros, smartphone accessories for cheap, home appliances at the Good Guys and more!

1. Galaxy S9+ Deal: $150 off the recently released S9+ from mobileciti eBay is a pretty decent price – doesn’t mean it won’t be cheaper at some point in the future but this is definitely worth a look in if you’re after a phone right now. Get the deal here. (Also, really love mobileciti’s $160 off the Sony 1000x)

2. Cheap Smartphone Accessories: Scoopon are running a ton of deals on Belkin gear. If you need a new case, power bank or some extra cables, then take a look. Tons of bargains. Click here to get the deal.

3. 10% Off at TGG: The Good Guys are chucking 10% off home appliances such as kettles, vacuums, ovens – all the good stuff that you usually pay too much for. Chuck a look here.

4. 20% Off Sports Gear: It’s the last day of the eBay sporting goods sale. To redeem this offer, you just have to chuck in POWERLIFT at the checkout, and make sure you shop at one of the selected stores. You can browse through all the stores here.

5. New Runners 50% Off: OzBargain users have pulled a real sneaky one, finding a code intended for BUPA health insurance that gets 50% off any full-priced items. If you used the code ‘BUPA50PYC2018’, you’ll net yourself the 50% clean so load up on new runners. Check the deal here.

6. Amazon $299 GoPro Deal: Just $299 for the GoPro HERO5 at Amazon Australia today. This is one of the cheapest prices you can find for the GoPro 5 and even though there are newer models, this does everything you need. Hurry in quick because stock will go fast at this price. Click here to grab the deal.

Bonus – if you’re near Melbourne’s Flinders Street station, you can try the insect ice-cream that I ate about two weeks back. Pro tip: It’s not bad, but it is weird.

Taste Test: Insect Ice Cream

As part of a promotion run by The Economist, a pop-up ice-cream stall opened in Martin Place for the day, right near our offices in Sydney. Awesome! I love ice cream! I'll go check it out, I said. The catch? The ice-cream was filled with insects. I was already in too deep to back out.</p> <p>Now you, dear reader, get to experience what it is like to fill your mouth with dairy and dirt-dwellers. Hakuna Matata.

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