Audiofly AF100W Wireless Headphones Australian Review

Audiofly AF100W Wireless Headphones Australian Review
Image: Audiofly

Bluetooth headphones are all the rage. With Apple and others dropping the trusty old 3.5mm headphone jack, you can either carry an extra, easy-to-lose adapter around, or you can spend a few bucks on a decent set of wireless headphones. The Audiofly AF100W bluetooth headphones are an in-ear set that sit comfortably and have a flexible over-the-ear design that keeps them in place while you’re exercising to some tunes. But how did they sound?

Unlike many of the wireless headphones on the market, the AF100Ws have a loop that wraps around your ear. That makes them ideal for folks looking for a set of headphones that won’t fall out while running, jumping or doing any other vigorous activity. They’re also quite light at just 15g and the wire that wraps around your ear isn’t too tight so they’re confortable to wear until the battery runs out.

The left and right sides are connected via a thin cable that holds the inline controller and a second block that holds the rest of the headphone”s electronics. The headphones, charging cable and spare silicone and foam fittings are all stored in a small case that’s under the bulky packaging. And that cable has a slider that lets you adjust the length of the cable.

Battery life is probably the weakest point with the AF100W headphones. They’re rated at just five hours on a full charge. Which is plenty for an exercise session but not for a week of commuting.

The AF100Ws are sweat proof and rated at IPX4. That means they’re splash-proof but you can’t wear them for a swim.

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Controlling your tunes us via the usual in-line controller arrangement we see on lots of other headphones. The centre button controls play/pause while the two adjacent buttons look after the volume.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of really heavy bass in my music but I found the AF100Ws a little lacking in that department. Even in tracks with a heavy bass track, the low-end instruments were hard to pick up and muted. I could mess around with settings to clear that up a little but the bass response in the AF100Ss was disappointing.

Would i buy the Audiofly AF100W wireless headphones?

After listening to a bunch of tunes, I found the AF100Ws to be competent but I have some concerns. The sound quality wasn’t to my liking and battery life is very much at the lower end of expectations. But they are comfortable to wear and won’t fall out on a run or during other activity.

But with a recommended price of $189.99, the Audiofly AF100W wireless headphones are quite pricey – especially seeing their shortcomings.

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