NBN Co Finally Launches Service For Businesses Connecting To Network

NBN Co Finally Launches Service For Businesses Connecting To Network
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Based on the conversations I’ve had with many businesses, one of the concerns they have with connecting to the NBN is a worry that critical business tools like EFTPOS machines, alarm systems and other services won’t work on the new network. In order to assist ICT consultants supporting those businesses as they make the switch, NBNCo has new channel that provides ICT consultants with information about the steps businesses need to take when connecting to the NBN as well as a other support services.

Ben Salmon, Executive General Manager of Business Sales and Marketing for NBN Co said, “While we work closely with phone and internet providers during the transition, this is this first time we have targeted the ICT industry at scale with dedicated training and resources to help them support their business clients”.

The new services offered by NBN Co include training, lead generation for consultants that support businesses as they connect to the NBN as well as access to support information.

This is positive news.

But why it’s taken NBNCo so long to get this happening is a mystery. The company celebrated its ninth birthday last week with the first properties connected in July 2010. To say they company has been slow to address this would be an understatement. The latest weekly progress report published by NBN Co reveals that just 57% of properties that have the NBN available have connected to the network. Given the business case for making the NBN worthwhile relies on most people connecting as quickly as possible, I wonder why it’s taken NBN Co so long to decide to offer helping people with the transition.

If you have a business that can assist other business with connecting to the NBN, you can register for NBN Co’s channel program here.

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