NAB Adds Google Pay, Joins Everybody Else In 2018

NAB Adds Google Pay, Joins Everybody Else In 2018
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NAB customers, time to tap-and-party in the streets. NAB announced last week that they would start expanding their mobile payment offerings by (finally) offering support for Google Pay.

Google Pay is, essentially, a mobile wallet that lets you store all of your credit and debit cards on your phone – securely. You can also store gift cards and loyalty cards, as long as they are supported and that’s something you’re interested in. It replaced Android Pay earlier this year.

For NAB, it’s all about adding convenience and, looking a little deeper, bringing them into line with most other banking institutions in Australia. NAB was the last of the big four banks to embrace Google Pay, even though they had offered NAB Pay to Android customers previously, as well as supporting their iOS PayTag and Samsung Pay.

Take note, not all NAB cards are supported. Unsupported cards include: NAB’s prepaid and travel cards, commercial business and purchasing cards plus Amex and Ubank offerings.

You can download Google Pay here. The setup process takes about three minutes. If you need a hand working out how to use it, have a look at this guide.

I fired up Google Pay this morning to see if I could add one of my cards and there were no issues at all. NAB customers, you are now able to join us in 2018 – well, unless you’re using an Apple device and were hoping for Apple Pay… still no word on when NAB might support that.

If you’re not an Android-using NAB customer, there’s a good chance you can already use Google Pay – just check out our list of compatible banks below!

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