Motivate Yourself To Do The Dishes With A Cocktail

Motivate Yourself To Do The Dishes With A Cocktail

I hate doing dishes more than any other chore but, due to my line of work and lack of dishwasher, I end up doing more than the average person. To overcome my utter disdain for donning dish gloves and standing in front of a sink, I motivate myself with a cocktail.

Take note, I do not drink the cocktail before the dishes are done. I simply make one – either a drink that is served up or on a large rock – then place it on a ledge near the sink so I can see it while I’m washing up. Then I put on the gloves and start washing, and I do so quite quickly, because I want to drink my beverage before it warms too much. Could I drink my drink with dish gloves on? Yes, but I risk dripping dish water on myself or – much worse – in my drink. I could also take the gloves off, but putting wet gloves back on is also kind of annoying. So instead I power through, washing the dishes as fast as my oddly-small hands can, then enjoy the cocktail as a reward.

Of course, you don’t have to use a cocktail as motivation, you could use a cookie or a piece of good cheese or any sort of treat you choose. I do, however, find the threat of dilution by melting ice cube to be a particularly strong motivator, but you do you.

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