McDonald's Beef Patty Taste-Test: Wagyu Vs Angus Vs Quarter Pounder!

In a world first, McDonald's Australia has launched a Wagyu Beef Burger featuring 100% wagyu beef patties sourced from Queensland farmers. Sounds delicious, but does it actually taste any different to a McDonald's Angus beef patty or a run-of-the-mill Quarter Pounder? We conducted a blind taste test to find out.

Earlier today, we pitted the new Wagyu beef patty against an Angus beef patty and a regular old Quarter Pounder to see if we could taste the difference. To make the test as fair as possible, we eschewed the burger buns, sauce and toppings - leaving just the ground beef to fend for itself. Click on the video above to see how the Wagyu Beef Burger fared and whether it's worth over $12.

Takeaway Truth: McDonald's Wagyu Beef Burger

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today. McDonald's Wagyu Beef Burger. (Plus taste test!)

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    This burger is not 100% wagyu as claimed. It is 100% Australian bred but only 50% wagyu. We need to have some truth in the labelling.

      Maybe they only make their burgers from the Wagyu half of the cow.

      If what your saying is true, Maybe they are saying 100% of the beef is is wagyu but only 50% of the pattie is beef, the other 50% is adsorbed oil.

    Where did you get this information? Everywhere I have looked has said it is 100% Wagyu, including Mcdonalds' nutritional and ingredient declaration.

    Do we really need a video for this? Just post which is better :(

      Angus and wagu are the same, with wagu slightly juicier, QP was the obvious lesser choice, but they all tasted like mcD meat patties.

        lol great spoiler use. Thanks for the summary.

        I can't really tell much difference between Angus and standard, so if Wagyu tastes like Angus I guess I won't be wasting the money.

      But then we can't see their reactions when they try the quarter-pounder patty.

    The one I had was incredibly dry. And the taste of salt was overpowering.
    To me, the whole burger just tasted like salt with little else.

    I tried the Wagyu once. It was dry and inedible. I blame that more on the quality of staff than the quality of the product.

      There is a reason the staff at these places don’t eat there.

    Wagyu lips and coits vs Angus lips and coits. You decide

    Is there even any point to wagyu once you grind it all up into mince and pile a heap of cheese, salad, tomato sauce and whatever else on top of it?

    Testing the patties in isolation is well and good, but that's not how they're going to be sold and consumed.

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