Kogan Internet Launches With Cheap, Flexible NBN Plans

Kogan Internet Launches With Cheap, Flexible NBN Plans

Kogan have launched their own NBN service, Kogan Internet, featuring unlimited data and month-to-month contracts. They’re also spruiking an introductory offer of NBN 50 for less than $60 a month, making them one of the most affordable NBN providers in the country.

In announcing the new service today, Executive Director David Shafer was pulling no punches stating that “there has never been a better time for Aussies to change their internet provider.”

Based on some of these prices, he might be right.

At the outset, Kogan are offering three speed tiers: Bronze (12Mbps), Silver (50Mbps) and Gold (100Mbps). All of the bundles come with unlimited data, which 4K Netflix power users and those with kids addicted to Fortnite will be happy to see. As with their mobile plans, Kogan Internet is supplied to Kogan by Vodafone via nbn Co.

The pricing structure is below:

Image: Kogan

As you can see, an introductory offer that sees the Silver tier sold at the same price as the Bronze tier is available until June 30. If you sign up before June 30 and stay connected to the service, you’ll pay $58.90 a month for up to 24 months.

Comparing that price to those currently available elsewhere, it looks like – for unlimited data – that Kogan are offering the best price in the country right now for the NBN 50 tier.

There is one upfront payment of $69 to get the Kogan Internet Modem, which is (no surprise) non-refundable and will be charged on your first bill. Keep in mind, if the NBN has not been connected at your premises before, there is a one-time ‘New Development Fee’ of $300 that you will have to pay. This isn’t specific to Kogan, but any new NBN service that the company deems a ‘new development’.

For me, the key with these plans is their flexibility: Having no lock-in contract is the most appealing aspect to me because NBN providers are always messing around with their prices as more and more ISPs flood the market. Having been locked into my current contract for the better part of a year, it’s been frustrating to see prices drop elsewhere but be locked in to an outdated structure with only base NBN speeds.

If you’re in the market for NBN and want to investigate further, you can see Kogan Internet’s current deals here.


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