How To Choose Your First Spanking Paddle

How To Choose Your First Spanking Paddle

Spanking is great. It builds anticipation, provides scintillating sensation and can amp up role play. If you’re thinking about trying a paddle, you probably know all this already and have experimented with palm spanks. (If you haven’t, you should do that first.)

If you have, indeed, sampled the delights of hand-to-butt spanks and your sub enjoys it but wants more, then a paddle is a must-have for your toy box.

Paddles offer a similar widespread sensation that comes with hand-spanks, but enable the spanker to use heavier impact and go for longer.

Beyond preventing the dominant partner from getting a sore palm, a paddle can also add some versatility to your spanking play and create new sensations for the receiver.

For example, some paddles are dual-textured for a variety of sensations, some are adorned with extra stimulating features such as spikes or holes for a different sort of impact and others are made from specific materials which allow the Dom to deliver intense impact, with minimal effort.

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But which paddle should you choose?

For couples who are brand new to paddle play and want to enjoy the fun of a paddle without upping the pain level, the Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Spanking Paddle is perfect. It’s broad for widespread impact, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and has a handy wrist loop for foolproof swings. Great for couples where both of you are paddle-play newbies.

For couples who enjoy spanking, but would like to add some new sensations to play, why not try the Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle? It’s dual sided for versatile play, moving from soothing strokes to sharp spanks in a snap. Plus is also has a wrist loop, for extra secure spanking. Ideal for couples where the receiver is a little more experience than the giver.

And finally, for couples who want to add luxury to their power play, or those who like a sharp, weighty impact, you can’t go wrong with the Fifty Shades Freed Leather and Suede Paddle. This limited edition paddle is the best of both worlds, boasting dual-sided textures for versatile impact, a broad spanking surface for widespread tingles and weighty finish that delivers ear-bending thuddy spanks.

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