Why Isn’t CommBank Working? [Updated]

Why Isn’t CommBank Working? [Updated]
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Earlier this morning, thousands of Commonwealth Bank customers awoke to find that their NetBank Accounts and credit cards were no longer working. It’s now been more than five hours since the issue was first reported and there doesn’t appear to be any fix in sight. Here’s what you need to know.

CommBank is continuing to experience outages around the country. The issue is affecting credit cards, home loans, personal loans, and travel money card accounts. Worryingly, many Commonwealth Bank customers are reporting that their credit cards have “disappeared” and they cannot access their NetBank accounts.

Here is the statement that currently greets CommBank customers after logging in:

We’re working to fix an issue affecting BPAY, Credit Cards and Loans in NetBank.

You may not be able to make bill payments or see some of your accounts in NetBank, including Home Loan, Personal Loan, Credit Card and Travel Money Card accounts. Scheduled payments have been slightly delayed – we’ll make sure they’re paid today.

Thanks for being patient with us – we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Commbank has been forced to revise its estimated resolution time more than once since the outage became apparent. (Originally, normal services were expected to resume by 10am.) There is currently no ETA on when the issue will be fixed.

If you can’t log in and have an urgent transaction that can’t wait, we advise contacting your local branch via telephone or CBA’s online chat system. We’ll be updating this story as soon as we hear more. Stay tuned!

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