Ask LH: Why Do Twix Taste Different Now? [Updated]

Hey Lifehacker! I’ve been munching on Twix bars since I was able to walk and I recently noticed a distinct change in the way they taste, like the chocolate didn’t taste the same? I swear something changed. What happened? I haven’t seen any information about this anywhere. Cheers, Switching To Boost Bars


I just went out and bought a Twix myself! I thought, why not try and replicate this experiment which currently has an n=1. I can literally double the experimental population. So I did just that. I bought a 50g Twix bar.

Hypothesis: If Twix tastes have changed, then I will be able to tell immediately because I used to eat them all the time.

Method: Buy a Twix, eat the Twix, report.

Results: The Twix that I bought certainly does taste different. I can’t quite pin what it is, but the chocolate certainly doesn’t have the same consistency or smoothness to it as I am used to. The caramel seems… cheaper. The wafer a little more brittle. I am happy I got it for a special $1 from the local supermarket.

Conclusion: Twix in Australia certainly taste different. I don’t have access to an older Twix recipe but there doesn’t seem inherently anything different about the current one. It certainly wasn’t out of date, which could have confounded our results. I have looked into this online but only turned up a Reddit thread, which suggests that Mars have moved the production of Twix to Egypt and contains several more tales of Twix tragedy.

Update: I reached out for Mars to comment and was met with this message, by a Mars spokesperson:

“Your taste buds have detected a very subtle change. TWIX® is now made using the global signature recipe and has a more satisfying crunch in its biscuit, alongside the chewy, creamy caramel; a recipe which is loved by consumers around the world.”

I did ask a few deeper questions – like the reason behind the change – but did not receive a response.

So, STBB, you definitely have detected a change in the Twix biscuits you’re eating and – apparently – your taste buds have detected something that was supposed to be subtle. You must have eaten a lot of Twix.

Personally, I don’t think the crunch is more satisfying – I feel like it is a little more dry. That might be just me though.

Good pick up! Are you going to switch to an entirely new bar?

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