19 Things To Help Get You Into A Creative Hobby

19 Things To Help Get You Into A Creative Hobby

We all like to think we have interesting hobbies, but with the demands of daily life it’s easy for passions to fall by the wayside.

Whether you’ve lost your creativity somewhere along the way or are keen to pick up a new hobby, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming to get started.

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You can find a whole host of products to enrich your downtime, from drawing and painting, to photography and beyond. Here are 19 creative products to get you started when your inspiration is calling.

Blank Canvas

Never underestimate the power of a blank page to spark your creativity. A good notebook is often the first step to fulfilling your potential – whether that be writing a masterpiece or simply plotting your plan of action.

Being creative doesn’t mean you have to totally skip on organisation! Making a list or mind map can help you be more productive with your time and avoid potential roadblocks.

These are our top picks for value – whether you simply need paper or fancy doing something more advanced with a canvas.


What use would a blank canvas be without a trusty pen? You can begin by sketching with pencils or throw it back to those school days with a multipack of gel pens you could only dream of having as a kid.

Don’t worry about being original to begin with. Practice, as they say, makes perfect so the most important first step is to put pen to paper. If you’re struggling with ideas, look around your space for inspiration or try recreating a piece of art you admire.


Add a splash of colour to your project with some paint. You’ll want one of these non-toxic options that are safe to use around the house, and if you’re getting the kids involved a washable paint is a must!

Don’t be afraid to get weird with it. Mix paints, experiment with your brush – there are no rules when it comes to creating your first masterpiece. As you develop your skills, you’ll learn what works for you and hopefully pick up a signature style.